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Adidas  GALAXY ELITE 2 K...


Price €32.00
Tennis sneaker with specially designed durable sole. Leather upholstery designed for proper breathability.

Tying with laces.

Real Leather product

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Regular price €49.90 -€25.00 Price €24.90
Lightweight and durable tennis shoes for children.
The reinforced front and rigid heel provide comfort and safety.
Shoes for all surfaces on the court. Non-tight outer sole.
Adidas Mens Shoes Grand...

Adidas Mens Shoes...

Price €54.90
Adidas Grand Courd Base Mens Shoe

These shoes have a '70s look and a top with a smooth, leather texture.

The three perforated adidas stripes on one side

all three stitched adidas stripes in different colors give the other a unique style.

The incredibly soft lining offers comfort.

Wilson Sublime Replacement...

Wilson Sublime...

Price €9.90
Wilson Sublime Replacement Grip
Unique Comfort

Wilson Sublime gives perfect balance! Its surface is not very sticky,
nor very dry, while its micro-perforations help to absorb moisture.

παιδική ρακέτα Tennis WISH...

παιδική ρακέτα Tennis...

Price €29.90
Lightweight and durable children's tennis racket.
Material: Aluminum
Color: Blue
Handle: USL 00-3,875
Weight: 198gr
Length: 63.5 cm
Head Size: 23 in
Knitting: 92 sq in
Country of Origin: CHINA
contains anti-vibration

ρακέτα τένις WISH MASTER...

ρακέτα τένις WISH...

Price €49.90
    product description

    The WISH TENNIS RACKET MASTER PRO 850 Provides a combination
    optimum power and spin.
    Provides better control over the game.
    Made of carbon fiber combining
    durability and low weight
    The strings provide more precise and directional control
    of tennis ball.
    Hot melting graphite
    Weight: 290g
    Head size: 95 square meters
    anti-vibration: included
    Country of manufacture: China
    Carbon fiber supplier: "TORA" JAPAN.