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Adidas ALTA SPORT CF I S81061
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Comfortable and easy to implement.
Very soft and light with two stickers for easy and flawless application.

Champion Low Cut Shoe Softy...
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Champion Low Cut Shoe...

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- Self-adhesive strap closure for easier application

- Elastic laces for extra support

- Perforated mesh at the top for better breathability

- Reinforced collar for support

- Champion logos on the strap and side

- Memory foam insole

Champion Low Cut Shoe Cody...
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Champion Low Cut Shoe...

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- Mesh at the top for impeccable breathability

- Lace and scratch closure

- Rubber outsole

Adidas Advantage Ι Βρεφικά...
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Adidas Advantage Ι...

Regular price €34.90 -€10.00 Price €24.90
These baby adidas shoes are inspired by tennis and have a timeless look.
The synthetic leather upper completes the iconic style. Every day all day.
Champion Low Cut Cody B TD...
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Champion Low Cut Cody...

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- Lace closure and self-adhesive strap

- Mesh at the top for breathability

- Soft and comfortable bottom

- Rubber outsole for traction

- Champion logo

New Balance Sneakers KJ373AWY
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New Balance Sneakers...

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New Balance sneakers, which are the most classic choice for everyday use. It's a timeless shoe design that matches so many looks.

They are low and do not cover the ankle, which means that the movement of the foot is natural and unhindered. 

Adidas F50  EL I B39942
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Adidas F50 EL I B39942

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     Baby sports shoe.

    Textile lining and sole.
    Rubber outsole.
    Ortholite insole for greater comfort.
    Leather upper
    Binding with rubber band and sticker

Converse All Star αθλητικά...
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Converse All Star...

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Converse children's light fabric shoes,

with rubber detail and bottom, metal rings for easy fastening

and soft sole for better walking control.

The All Star Chuck Taylor is designed in a classic line

and available in classic colors.