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Champion Buzz PS S32467-BS036
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Champion Buzz PS...

Price €39.90
These children's shoes from Champion

they give comfort to the legs of our little friends all day long!

- Sole made of high quality material.
- Champion logos on the side.

Nike JR Phantom GT2 Club...
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Nike JR Phantom GT2...

Price €64.90
Using the Phantom GT as a starting point,

the Nike Phantom GT2 Club Dynamic Fit TF has a renewed design

and specially designed patterns that ensure exemplary shot accuracy.

Asymmetric laces create a larger hitting surface for dribbles,

pass and shoot with precision.

Asymmetrical strings create a larger hitting surface for powerful shots.

The special retention texture on the upper is strategically placed

for precise contact in shots, passes and dribbles

For use on synthetic surfaces with shorter grass lengths.

Non-marking sole.

Champion Bold XS Triple...
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Champion Bold XS...

Price €54.90
Running sports shoes by Champion in black

and designed with the best possible features.


- Fabric abroad

- Internal lining made of fabric capable of absorbing sweat

- Drawstring for easy application

- Anti-vibration and anti-slip rubber sole

Adidas Sportwear Tensaur...
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Adidas Sportwear...

Price €39.90
Adidas Sportwear Tensaur Sport 2.0 CF K

Children are constantly moving and therefore need suitable shoes.

Constructed with a durable non-marking rubber outsole,

these adidas shoes will become their favorite.

Self-adhesive straps ensure an easy fit.

Manufactured from recycled materials,

with an upper made of at least 50% recycled content.

This product represents only one of our solutions

to put an end to plastic waste.

Adidas Sportwear Runfalcon...
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Adidas Sportwear...

Price €44.90

Adidas Sportwear Runfalcon 2.0 K

Παπούτσια για κάθε μέρα, για το σχολείο και το γυμναστήριο.

Αυτά τα adidas παπούτσια είναι η ιδανική επιλογή

για το παιδί σου για να πάει στην προπόνηση

ή απλά για να κινείται με αυτοπεποίθηση.

Η ανάλαφρη αίσθηση προσφέρει άνεση ακόμη

και τις πιο κουραστικές μέρες.

Adidas Tensaur Sport 2.0...
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Adidas Tensaur Sport...

Price €44.90

Adidas Tensaur Sport 2.0 Mickey C

These kids' adidas running shoes have a lightweight, flexible design.

Hook-and-loop straps make them easy to slip on and off.

Disney's Mickey Mouse graphics on the sides add a playful touch.

Made with a series of recycled materials,

this upper features at least 50% recycled content.

This product represents just one of our solutions to help end plastic waste.

Nike JR Superfly 9 Club...
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Nike JR Superfly 9...

Price €64.90
Do you learn the skills, secrets of the game and all the drills?

Show off the progress you've made wearing the Nike Jr. football boots.

They are designed to offer flexibility on artificial or natural grass surfaces,

but also the traction you need to run

and make cuts on different types of pitches.

The durable design offers everything you need

for your training schedule during the week and the matches.

Information • The synthetic leather upper features small embossed details which offer grip for better ball control against fast speeds. • Tapered plugs offer superior grip with a quick release

Converse All Stars Youths...
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Converse All Stars...

Regular price €44.90 -€15.00 Price €29.90
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, the world-famous iconic top sneaker in children's sizes.

Created in 1917 as a non-slip basketball shoe,

Over the decades, the sneaker, with its timeless silhouette

and the ankle star badge, adopted by rebels,

rock people, rappers, artists, dreamers and thinkers.

Canvas upper for comfort, support and durability.

Vulcanized rubber sole for durability.

Stainless steel mid-side vents for breathability.

Champion Climb RX Mid B PS...

Champion Climb RX Mid...

Price €44.90
The Climb RX shoes from Champion are suitable for long hikes.

They have a non-slip sole for optimal traction

and soft synthetic leather upper for extra durability.

Basic features:

- Anti-slip sole - Handle on the back - Leather upper - Tie with laces ​