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Price €29.90

Men's isothermal leggings magnetic north, ideal for intense exercise.

Its fabric is Quick drying with a pleasant feeling due to the high content of elastane (12%)

With these leggings the muscles are protected at the beginning of exercises but also throughout the duration 

training, due to the applied pressure (compression tight).

Seamless to avoid irritation.

Magnetic North 50035...

Magnetic North 50035...

Price €34.90

EDGE10X Thermal baselayer series is designed and

produced by Magnetic North

for athletic winter adventures.

Wear EDGE10X Thermal apparel during workouts in cold

conditions and improve your sports performance and endurance.

Thermal Technology fabric is built to deliver

exceptional breathability and warmth

and built-in stretch to move with you

in any weather challenging settings. Quality construction

with no seams to maintain comfortless and classic body length

ensures your body warm when you need it the most.

No weather can hold you back

from your next athletic adventure.

63% Nylon

26% Polypropylene

11% Elastane