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magneticNORTH Compression...


Price €19.90

Compression arm sleeves are designed to provide perfect muscle support

and comfort during workout.

This flexible pull-on, pull-off solution  helps you with thermoregulation

and therefore amplifies warming up and  protects from muscle injuries.

SPALDING heavy duty...

SPALDING heavy duty...

Price €14.90
Spalding Heavy Duty Basketball Net 220 g.

Durable hooping net from Spalding.

This package contains one piece


• Weight: 220 g.

• Heavy material

• Resistant to sun & rain

• Ideal for indoor & outdoor use

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Regular price €24.90 -€2.00 Price €22.90
SPALDING basketball for indoor and outdoor use, replica of EUROLEAGUE OFFICIAL BALL.
Spalding Decal Slam Dunk...
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Spalding Decal Slam...

Regular price €24.90 -€2.00 Price €22.90
Spalding Decal Slam Dunk is the perfect solution in terms of durability
and the characteristics of the game. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts
Spalding All-Weather...

Spalding All-Weather...

Price €7.90
Durable basketball net from Spalding to see and hear the accurate shots.

Also useful so you don't chase the ball.

    Resistant to sun and rain
    Ideal for indoor outdoor spaces
    Weight: 220 gr.