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Champion Παιδικό Σετ Φόρμας...
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Champion Παιδικό Σετ...

Price €39.90
Champion Children's Tracksuit Set

Even in winter our little friends will enjoy endless play with this set.

This baby set is made from super soft fabric that hugs the body

and gives absolute comfort to little girls' everyday life.

Champion Αντρικό Σετ Φόρμας...
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Champion Αντρικό Σετ...

Price €49.90
Basic features:

    Normal application
    Cardigan with a high collar
    Front pockets on the cardigan
    Elasticated ends
    Elastic waist with drawstring
    Side pockets on the pants
    Composition: 100% Polyester

Levi's κάλτσες 2 τεμάχια...
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Levi's κάλτσες 2...

Regular price €19.90 -10% Price €17.91
Colorful calf-length socks from Levi's.

They are made of soft fabric

which will provide comfort every moment of the day.

• Composition:

70% Cotton

28% Polyamide

2% Elastane

Levi's κάλτσες 2 τεμάχια...
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Levi's κάλτσες 2...

Regular price €19.90 -10% Price €17.91
Basic features:

- Calf length
- Rib finish with logo
- 75% cotton, 22% polyamide, 3% elastane

Levi's γυναικείες κάλτσες 2...
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Levi's γυναικείες...

Price €19.90
Levi's Women's Socks.

Two white pairs of socks with flower design in yellow and purple.

Composition - 66% cotton, - 23% polyester, - 8% polyamide, - 3% elastane

Levi's αντρικές κάλτσες...
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Levi's αντρικές...

Regular price €34.90 -10% Price €31.41
Superior sense of comfort!

Mens Socks

in a paper gift box, 4 pieces

Very soft and stretchy cotton fabric

LEVI'S woven logo and Fashion designs.

Soft rubber on top.

-Reinforced sole and toe for greater durability.

-Soft rubber upper for comfort.

-Perforated design on side for Fashion Look

and enhanced air circulation.


72% Cotton 2% elastane

Levi's αντρικά φανελάκια...
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Levi's αντρικά...

Price €29.90
Men's undershirts,

two piece pack from Levi's

made from cotton-rich yarns

mixed with rubber

for a better fit to the body.

• Composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastic

Liga Sport Original Στρώμα...
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Liga Sport Original...

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The Original eco-fitness mattress from Liga Sport

is environmentally friendly,

fully recyclable, latex and PVC free

and has high quality.

It is durable and non-slip.

Suitable for your exercises at home or in the gym,

provides excellent comfort and cushioning.

Suitable for yoga - pilates exercises.