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Μπάλα Yoga (AHF-045) Ø25cm...

Μπάλα Yoga (AHF-045)...

Price €4.90

The Toorx yoga ball, with a diameter of Ø25cm, is special suitable for deep relaxation

and strengthening of the muscular system, such as the spine and abdomen.

Ideal for yoga and rehabilitation exercises.

Μπάλα Ενδυνάμωσης 1kg...

Μπάλα Ενδυνάμωσης 1kg...

Price €9.90
Great tool for yoga and
 other activities. Designed to strengthen muscles of the arms, 
shoulders, the entire upper body and lower extremities. Soft, non-slip 
and very pleasant to the touch and comfortable to grip. Weight: 1kg
Σφικτήρες για Μπάρες(Σέτ)...

Σφικτήρες για...

Price €4.90

Clutch type clamp for body pump bars. Very easy adjustment and removal

of the clamp on the bar simply by applying pressure to the ends.

Keep the discs steady and perform the exercises safely.

Αλτηράκι Σπιράλ 35cm Ø25mm...

Αλτηράκι Σπιράλ 35cm...

Price €14.90

Dumbbell with a length of 35 cm by Thorx with thread and two clamps nuts.

The diameter of the dumbbell is Ø25mm and can be combined

with discs of corresponding diameter.

The kilos are secured with clamps that screw in the coil.

Ideal for those who alternate weights during training.



Price €9.90

Yoga Mattress - Pilates Toorx MAT 174 suitable for Yoga & Pilates exercises.

It is made of high quality materials and has a soft and non-slip surface,

which makes it ideal for use in most exercises.

Toorx AHF-134 4.5m Σκάλα...

Toorx AHF-134 4.5m...

Price €14.90
The Toorx AHF-134 speed ladder helps to improve agility, explosiveness,
coordination and endurance.
The speed ladder is suitable for training in all sports as a training accessory,
while it also finds application in functional training and crossfit exercises.