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Αdidas Essentials Print...
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Αdidas Essentials...

Regular price €24.90 -€2.00 Price €22.90
This leggings for girls adidas Essentials AOP Tight
is made of recycled polyester elastic fabric

with a soft texture and a tight elastic waist

it stays perfectly steady as you move.
Composition: 92% Cotton, 8% Single Jersey Elastane.
New Balance 577 walking...
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New Balance 577...

Regular price €104.90 -€12.00 Price €92.90
These shoes will help you beat tired feet.

The New Balance 577 walking shoe is made of leather,

offers excellent cushioning and support.



Price €12.00


These Levi's® secret socks have a high silhouette and a natural and comfortable fit

. Featuring the Levi's batwing logo, these 3-pack socks for men and women have Levi's®® iconic style for modern innovators.

Comfort and classic design dominate. A reinforced heel and toes ensure long-lasting wear.

Badge of Sport Full-Zip...

Badge of Sport...

Price €49.90
Future athletes? Why not? Dress your little one with this baby adidas set
and watch him try his new moves.
The hoodie gives them an athletic style before they reach the age for their first shot.
The full length zipper and adjustable drawstring
ensure easy fit when the volume of the game is high. By buying cotton products from us you support more sustainable methods of cotton cultivation.
Made with recycled materials, part of adidas'
commitment to ending plastic waste.
Aidas Performance X...

Aidas Performance X...

Price €44.90
Time and space. Everything is relative when you play in different dimensions.

Discover multidimensional speed with the adidas X Speedportal.

These kids football boots are designed

for dynamic cuts and disruptive speed on synthetic turf courts.

Soft and durable,

the synthetic upper helps you control the ball when the tension rises.

The upper part is made from recycled materials

and consists of at least 50% recycled material.

This product represents only one of our solutions

to put an end to plastic waste.

Adisas Essentials Studio...
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Adisas Essentials...

Regular price €59.90 -€5.00 Price €54.90
Get into a relaxing mood after work with one move.

Just wearing this adidas top.

Enjoy comfort thanks to its wide line and soft fabric.

If your friends call with last-minute plans,

don't bother changing.

It is made with recycled materials sourced from patrons

and household waste,

in order not to burden the environment with the production of new materials.

Adidas φούτερ με κουκούλα...
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Adidas φούτερ με...

Regular price €59.90 -€5.00 Price €54.90
The good thing about hoodies is that they mix and match perfectly with everything.

This adidas hoodie is made from soft fleece fabric

for comfort every day. Combine it with jeans or a tracksuit.

It goes with everything.

Manufactured from recycled materials,

part of adidas' commitment to end plastic waste.

Adidas Φούτερ Λαιμόκοψη GT6641
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Adidas Φούτερ...

Regular price €54.90 -€5.00 Price €49.90
If you get a little cold in the park wear this adidas football top.

Thanks to its classic and flexible design, it is also ideal off the pitch.

The soft cotton and fleece fabric gives you comfort all day.

Made from recycled materials,

part of adidas' commitment to end plastic waste.

Adidas φόρμα  3-Stripes GV6020
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Adidas φόρμα...

Regular price €54.90 -€5.00 Price €49.90
Relaxed mood with style.

These comfortable adidas pants have a soft texture and relaxed fit.

The elastic finish at the ankles gives an elegant look

and the three classic adidas stripes complete its sporty style.

It's perfect for relaxing after a hard workout

or to watch the match after work.

Adidas τσαντάκι μέσης μαύρο...
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Adidas τσαντάκι μέσης...

Regular price €29.90 -€2.00 Price €27.90
Adidas Mens Bag

Are you looking for the perfect bag that fits your full schedule?

You just found it!

This adidas waist bag is the ideal size for your active days,

and lots of pockets to keep your things organized.

Pass it over your shoulder or around your waist.

The elegant ripstop fabric and the adjustable belt complete the easy-to-wear style.

Made from a range of recycled materials,

this product uses at least 60% recycled material

and is one of our solutions for plastic waste.

Adidas σόρτς μαγιό bebe CV4657

Adidas σόρτς μαγιό...

Price €19.90
Baby elastic boxer briefs with soft inner lining in the sensitive area

for safety and comfort for our little friends. Quality composition for comfort and avoiding irritation.

Adidas σκουφάκι fleece HI3685

Adidas σκουφάκι...

Price €19.90
Get ready for winter. Wear this warm adidas polar fleece cap for exceptional insulation and warmth.
Ideal for your explorations in the mountains or the city.

Adidas Σετ Φόρμας IC6748

Adidas Σετ Φόρμας IC6748

Price €79.90
Men's tracksuit in gray color by Adidas

with rubber on the legs.

Basic features:
• It has pockets
• Composition: 52% Cotton, 48% Recycled Polyester
• From sustainable materials, of organic or recycled origin, friendly to the environment

Adidas Παντελόνι Φόρμας...

Adidas Παντελόνι...

Price €49.90
These adidas pants are perfect for training or lounging.

AEROREADY technology gives you a dry feeling as you move.

The soft cotton fabric gives you comfort, 

while the elastic waist is adjustable to your measurements.

The signature adidas three stripes complete the look.

At least 70% of this product contains

recycled and recyclable materials.

Adidas παιδικό φούτερ με...
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Adidas παιδικό φούτερ...

Regular price €34.90 -€3.00 Price €31.90
Adidas children's sweatshirt

it is suitable for the winter months,

both in everyday wear and

and in sports activities,

since it offers warmth but also flexibility of movement.

It is a basic garment for the winter children's wardrobe

and can be combined with trousers, overalls, etc.

It is made of soft materials to provide comfort

and flexibility in school and play.