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Amila Φακός Αλουμινίου με...

Amila Φακός...

Price €12.90

- Lamp: 8 Led 5mm + 1 Xenon
- Material: Aluminum
- Battery (type): 3xC
- Batteries Built-in: No

AMILA Σκουφάκι Κολύμβησης...

AMILA Σκουφάκι...

Price €4.90

Swimming cap for children from AMILA made of high quality and elastic silicone. Ideal for use in the pool. Suitable size for children up to 12-13 years. You can find children's hats in 3 colors.

Amila μπάλα Beach Volley...
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Amila μπάλα Beach...

Regular price €24.90 -€2.00 Price €22.90
Beach Volley ball from the company Amila

for endless races in the summer!

It is quite durable thanks to the rubber sponge outer material

and suitable for playing on the beach.

It is light 260-280gr, so easy to use

and its perimeter reaches 670mm.

Its joints are sticky

for maximum resistance over time.

Size: 5.

Amila μπάλα Beach Volley 41660
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Amila μπάλα Beach...

Regular price €24.90 -€2.00 Price €22.90
Volleyball ball from Amila.

It has a PVC construction

for durability and stitched joints.

Basic features:
- Umbrella: 260/280
- Sewn joints
- PVC construction
- PolyesterSoft Touch layer

Amila Επιγονατίδες Βόλεϊ...

Amila Επιγονατίδες...

Price €19.90

Amilla's kneecap is an accessory necessary to avoid any injuries.

It has a protective sponge at the front for extra protection and a hole at the back.

In addition, it is available in white color and size Small.

The kneecap is an accessory that should not be missing from your collection!

Amila Επιγονατίδες Βόλεϊ...

Amila Επιγονατίδες...

Price €12.90

- Anatomical circular seam that offers comfort

and better application

- Molded sponge,

combined with high strength cotton fabric,

offers perfect shock absorption

- Sponge: PU

- Size: SR

- Pieces: 2

AMILA Επιγονατίδα για...

AMILA Επιγονατίδα για...

Price €9.90

They have Lycra binding at the bottom for greater comfort,

12mm sponge for the best possible protection

and double elastic ties at the back

for comfort in movement.

They are made of neoprene and are available in black.

The Teflon coating on the front adds even more durability.

The package includes two pieces.

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Price €34.90

The chest bag by AMILA has taken influences from military-style backpacks, which is why it was named Tactical. Its size is capable of holding all everyday personal items, wallet, mobile, a small tablet, keys, etc. Ergonomic design, with various compartments to keep your belongings neat. Combine the bag with the PATCHES we offer you to give it a personal tone by placing them on the spot with Velcro.