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GIVOVA ανδρικό ισοθερμικό...

GIVOVA ανδρικό...

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Men's leggings from Givova which are elastic and adapt to the curves of the body.
Made of polyester and spandex. Suitable for use in all weather conditions

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Givov thick jacket with hood G013-0004

Winter jacket

    • 100% polyester - filling

    • 100% nylon inside

    • 100% nylon outside

    • Haftowane logo Givov

    • Side pockets with zippers

Givova Corpus 3 MAE012...
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Givova Corpus 3...

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Long sleeves fitted Givova t-shirt from that can be worn as underwear.

It is made of 87% polyester and 13% elastane and adapts perfectly to the curves of the body.

The pressure it applies protects the muscles from injury during exercise.

The composition of the fabric ensures the maintenance of a constant body temperature (isothermal) as well as

the direct abduction of moisture. The elastane gives the pleasant feeling of cotton to the body.