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Spalding TF-500 Euroleague...

Spalding TF-500...

Price €49.90
Replica of the official Euroleague ball, for those who want to relive the achievements
of great champions, at a low cost!

Designed from composite leather, it is designed for use on both parquet and any type of open field.
Spalding TF-500 74-529Z1

Spalding TF-500 74-529Z1

Price €45.90

Made with the synthetic material (composite) that is exclusive to Spalding,

it provides the feeling of genuine leather but with much greater durability, greatly reducing the cost!

Ideal for playing outdoors or indoors, it has wide grooves for better handling.

Spalding TF-33 NBA 3X 73-932Z1

Spalding TF-33 NBA 3X...

Price €29.90

Durable TF-33 ball for outdoor use by Spalding.

Thanks to the design with deep notches it offers better "grip".

Designed to withstand road racing.

Spalding TF-250 74-537Z1

Spalding TF-250 74-537Z1

Price €39.90

Basket ball for children up to 12 years old from Spalding.

Made with synthetic material (composite) which is the exclusive property of Spalding,

it provides the feeling of genuine leather, greatly reducing costs!

Ideal for playing outdoors or indoors, it has wide grooves for better handling.

Spalding NBA Triple Threat...

Spalding NBA Triple...

Price €39.90
Spalding basketball made of synthetic leather with better grip and feel.
Designed for competitive indoor or outdoor play with an emphasis on durability.
Spalding NBA LA Lakers...

Spalding NBA LA...

Price €24.90
Spalding NBA Team Size 7 Rubber Basketball
Spalding basketball made of rubber.
Synthetic leather housing is quite durable for outdoor play.
It has the logo of the Los Angeles Lakers. 100% Rubber Suitable for outdoor play Los Angeles Lakers logo
Spalding NBA Celtics 83-505Z1

Spalding NBA Celtics...

Price €24.90

Basketball ball with the colors and logo of the Boston Celtics for the friends of the team.

Made of rubber, it is suitable for use in open fields.

Spalding Greek Olympic...

Spalding Greek...

Price €24.90

Spalding basketball made of rubber.

The synthetic leather case is durable enough to play outdoors.

It has the HELLAS logo.

Spalding Extreme Pro 72-198Z1

Spalding Extreme Pro...

Price €24.90
For athletes and athletes with high goals, the Extreme Pro ball from Spalding
provides the ideal conditions. Thanks to its durable construction from elastic material,
it offers excellent ball control to improve your dexterity.
Spalding Copacabana 72-320Z1

Spalding Copacabana...

Price €24.90
Beach volley ball from the COPA CABANA series of SPALDING.

Made of synthetic leather, the Copa Cabana Volleyball is reminiscent of the famous Rio de Janeiro beach.

Provides excellent handling and unparalleled style, in the colors of the Brazilian flag,

ideal for your summer fun on the beach.