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Spalding Varsity TF-150...
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Spalding Varsity...

Regular price €22.00 -20% Price €17.60
Spalding Varsity TF-150

    Made of extremely durable rubber.
    Excellent feel and grip.
    SPALDING logo.
    Size: 7

Spalding Triple Threat size...
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Spalding Triple...

Regular price €24.90 -20% Price €19.92
Spalding quality guaranteed basketball.

Made of extra durable rubber,

Triple Threat All Surface is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Specially designed for better grip and feel.

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Regular price €24.90 -20% Price €19.92
SPALDING basketball for indoor and outdoor use, replica of EUROLEAGUE OFFICIAL BALL.
Spalding TF-150 Esake size...

Spalding TF-150 Esake...

Price €29.90
Basic features:

    Durable rubber housing
    Natural rubber umbrella
    Polyester wraps
    Spalding logo

The Spalding ESAKE basketball is designed

for use on any type of open field.

Spalding Silver Series...

Spalding Silver...

Price €29.90
Show your talent on the field,

with the Spalding Silver Series basketball.

Its synthetic leather removes sweat,

while wide grooves separate each section

for better hand alignment in ball control.


- Synthetic leather that wicks away sweat
- Wide grooves separate each section for
for better hand alignment and ball control
- For indoor and outdoor use

Spalding Lay Up size 5...
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Spalding Lay Up size...

Regular price €24.90 -20% Price €19.92
Spalding Lay Up Basketball is also suitable for outdoor courts.

 It has a rubber casing, offering durability and a perfect grip.


- Size: 5
- For use also in open fields
- Rubber housing for durability
- Spalding and Lay Up logo

Spalding Lay Up 84-548Z1

Spalding Lay Up 84-548Z1

Price €24.90
The Spalding Lay Up Basketball is suitable for outdoor courts.

It has a rubber casing,

offering durability and perfect grip.

- Size: 7
- For use on open courts
- Rubber housing for durability
- Spalding and Lay Up logo

SPALDING heavy duty...

SPALDING heavy duty...

Price €14.90
Spalding Heavy Duty Basketball Net 220 g.

Durable hooping net from Spalding.

This package contains one piece


• Weight: 220 g.

• Heavy material

• Resistant to sun & rain

• Ideal for indoor & outdoor use

Spalding Euroleague...
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Spalding Euroleague...

Regular price €34.90 -€3.00 Price €31.90
Replica of the official Euroleague ball in the colors of Panathinaikos

made of durable rubber casing. It is ideal for outdoor use.

Spalding Decal Slam Dunk...
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Spalding Decal Slam...

Regular price €24.90 -20% Price €19.92
Spalding Decal Slam Dunk is the perfect solution in terms of durability
and the characteristics of the game. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts
Spalding Black Red Graffity...
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Spalding Black Red...

Regular price €29.90 -20% Price €23.92

Spalding Black Red Graffity

It has materials that offer you a better grip

and ball control. Its graphics are inspired by graffiti art.


• Material: Rubber

• Deep grooves for better control

• Color: Black/ Red

• Size: 7

Spalding All-Weather...

Spalding All-Weather...

Price €7.90
Durable basketball net from Spalding to see and hear the accurate shots.

Also useful so you don't chase the ball.

    Resistant to sun and rain
    Ideal for indoor outdoor spaces
    Weight: 220 gr.

Spalding All Conference...

Spalding All...

Price €44.90
Spalding All Conference

Extra durable housing for all rubber surfaces!
Design with wide slits!
Excellent feel and grip!