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Ζώνη Αδυνατίσματος...

Ζώνη Αδυνατίσματος...

Price €12.90
The Toorx Slimming Belt facilitates sweating and weight loss in the areas it applies.

Ideal for positioning and local weight loss in the abdomen, hips and waist.

Easy adjustment with velcro closure for a perfect fit on every body type.

Γάντια (AHF-247) -S-...

Γάντια (AHF-247) -S-...

Price €14.90

Gym gloves that protect the hands and provide a better grip during training.

They feature finger cutouts and eyelets for easy on and off.

Material: Spandex

Βαράκια Άκρων 2x1.5kg με...

Βαράκια Άκρων 2x1.5kg...

Price €16.05
Toorx 1.5kg limb weights are ideal for fitness exercises 

and muscle strengthening workouts.

The adjustable locking system with Velcro fits the dumbbells

on both the wrist and the ankle

offering the perfect fit.
Toorx Ψηφιακό Χρονόμετρο...

Toorx Ψηφιακό...

Price €5.90
This Toorx digital stopwatch will be every trainer's ally!

The Toorx digital stopwatch has an easy-to-read LCD display

with display of time, date and notification functions.

Toorx Μπαντάζ Μαύρος...

Toorx Μπαντάζ Μαύρος...

Price €5.90
Black elastic bandage by Toorx, ideal for boxing and martial arts.

It fits under your boxing gloves and helps stabilize your hand properly.

Closure with velcro for easy installation.
Toorx Μονόζυγο Πόρτας (BTE)...

Toorx Μονόζυγο Πόρτας...

Price €19.90
Toorx door monobalance, with a fixed fit between the sides of the door

with extension mechanism

and non-slip high-density foam handles.


    Adjustable length 63 - 100 cm.
    Diameter: 5 cm.
    Weight: 1.4 kg.
    It is very easy to install.

Toorx Βαράκι NEOPRENE 5kg
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Toorx Βαράκι NEOPRENE...

Regular price €24.90 -€2.00 Price €22.90
Weight: 5 kg
Color: purple
Ideal dumbbells for strengthening and toning muscles
Ideal for use during aerobic exercise to increase intensity
Neoprene coating for a comfortable and non-slip grip
Different color variations for easy identification
Hexagonal shape to prevent rolling
They do not crack, rust or fade
Water resistant